Work It – The GRAU Guide to Wellbeing

Good light is essential for well-being at work. Our GRAU Guide to Wellbeing features John, Team Home and Parrot as part of a healthy, inspiring work environment.

Modern work is dynamic. We conduct video calls in the gym and pitch ideas on the go. Office and living space merge seamlessly, traditional working hours have become elastic. That's New Work. That makes it all the more important to find the right balance between power phases and relaxation. That's why light from GRAU is maximally flexible. And designed to create optimal working conditions - no matter how or where you work.

Wellbeing is the focus of all GRAU products because good lighting is essential for you to feel fit and balanced at work. It plays a crucial role in boosting energy levels and motivation. And it can help you stay focused on your tasks.

Because every workday is different, your lighting should be changeable, too. Flexibility is the basis of these smart New Work luminaires: in form, but also in light settings. Integrated features like Color Tune and Warm Dim, which can be operated with a simple tap of the finger, make sure of that. They adapt their healthy, glare-free light to the flow of your day: from stretching or meeting in the morning to power napping or yoga in soft light. They keep the work environment creative and agile.

All three lights are available in a fresh light blue. The clear color is reminiscent of the sky on a sunny day. So it brings lightness and positivity to office and home office and turns your workspace into an inspiring place.

Flex your light - with John

Start the day flexibly. John, our ultra-mobile desk lamp, is now available in light blue. It brings a fresh vibe and perfect, glare-free light to the office and home. With built-in Color Tune, you can adjust John's light intensity and color just the way you like it. Tap the touch switch for bright light for focused work. Time for a break? Tap again to switch to a softer light mode. It couldn't be easier. It's just as easy to change the position of the light, thanks to the soft spring joints and a rotating light head. So Johns always delivers light exactly where it's needed.


John in Light Blue (Photographer: Mathilde Aguis)

Active like Parrot

Endlessly mobile, everywhere. Because Parrot works completely without cables and is extremely lightweight, it can be carried virtually anywhere. It functions as studio lighting or as atmospheric light in meetings, supports concentrated reading or hovers as a relaxing light spot above the yoga mat. Intuitively, its light can be adjusted with the touch panel. Warm Dim technology makes the lighting experience ergonomic. Parrot's flexible housing takes care of the rest: height-adjustable and with a rotating light head, Parrot is optimized to enhance your well-being.


Parrot in Light Blue (Photographer: Mathilde Aguis)

Smart, smarter, Team Home

Team Home takes productivity and well-being to a new level. The first professional light for the home office has everything you need to work creatively and with concentration. Its light is always on point, because with state-of-the-art sensors it senses every change in natural lighting conditions. Bright sunshine or cloudy skies? Team Home automatically adjusts its brightness. So you not only get the best possible light for healthy eyes, but also optimized sustainability. With a lightweight housing, Team Home can be adapted to the different phases of the working day. So it always fits into your workflow.

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Team Home in Light Blue (Photographer: Mathilde Aguis)