629 €

John is your flexible companion throughout the day. With superb ergonomics and four levels of Color Tune technology, it’s the ultimate lamp for focus and wellbeing.

Tech Specs
Light Blue
  • Color Tune

  • Warm Dim

  • Rotatable Head

  • Assembled in Germany


Light to work with

Desk lamp John is designed for ergonomic comfort. Streamlined and powerful, it beams its beautiful, glare-free light at 1000 lumens output and optimal energy efficiency. Ideal for reading and working.

CRI 90+

Vivid colors and textures

John's color rendering index of 90+ delivers a premium color spectrum, capturing colors and textures with richness and accuracy.


Keep light dynamic

John is a technical masterpiece. With its super-streamlined form, supple spring joints, and rotatable lamp head, enjoy outstanding mobility of illumination.

Raise, lower, rotate

Easily angle and position John to suit your situation, mood, and activity.

Color Tune

Lights for every Mood

With an easy double click on the lamp switch, adjust John's brightness and color temperature through 4 different levels.

Color Tune

The right light — morning, noon, and night. With a simple tap, adjust brightness and color temperature to best support your activity and wellbeing.


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