John Floor

867 €

John Floor is the perfect reading lamp, with ingenious ergonomics and glare-free light. It stands for energy efficiency and mobility in combination with Color Tune in 4 levels.

Tech Specs
  • Color Tune

  • Warm Dim

  • Rotatable Head

  • Assembled in Germany


Glare-free light for reading

With high-power LEDs and an advanced optical lens, John Floor beams beautiful, adaptable and glare-free light at minimal energy use.

CRI 90+

Exceptional Color Rendering

John Floor's color rendering index of 90+ delivers a premium color spectrum, capturing colors and textures with richness and accuracy.


Reading Comfort

Clear comfortable light for reading, whether you're sitting, lying, or lounging. Find the optimal position thanks to John Floor's smooth spring joints, and adjust light brightness and temperature at a click of the switch.

Precise Brightness

State-of-the-art LEDs provide powerful illumination at 1000 lumens and top energy efficiency.

Color Tune

Adapt light with a double click

With a simple double click on the lamp switch, adjust John Floor's brightness and color temperature through four different levels.

Smart Switch

Intuitive Use

Tap once to turn the light on or off. Press and hold to dim up or down. Tap twice to adjust light color. Tap three times to activate Warm Dim.


Ergonomic Comfort

John Floor is a technical masterpiece. With its supple spring joints and rotatable lamp head, enjoy outstanding mobility of illumination.


Spring joints provide maximum mobility


Raise, lower, rotate

Adjust and position John Floor with total ease.

Sustainable design

Quality and durability

As a pioneer of LED efficiency, sustainability is at the heart of our design philosophy. At every stage of the production chain, we champion reuse of materials, social responsibility, and durable design.

Three Fantastic Colors

Black, Graphite, Blue, White and Sand

Sustainable Design

Made in Germany

John Floor is designed and produced at our Hamburg campus. We optimise the use of all production materials and prioritise local suppliers.

Timeless design

High quality minimalism

John Floor is committed to quality and minimalism. We only work with the highest quality materials and are proud of our longstanding relationships with trusted suppliers. All our partners sign and uphold a code of conduct, including social and environmental standards.


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