Find your light

Artists for GRAU

Artists for GRAU is a global initiative that explores the transformative power of light.

Light determines how we see the world by illuminating new perspectives and challenging our open-mindedness. At a time when social contact was not a given, when each of us spent a lot of time at home — but also found leisure to reflect on the mundane, we sent light to artists around the world. We invited them to give their free creative response and reflect it back to us through media. The resulting works were wide-ranging: Photographs, videos, illustrations, installation shots, and CGI images, all of which interpreted the intersection of light and emotion in new ways.

The artistic exchange with other creatives sharpens our openness to new things. Seeing how different people, in different places of the world, deal with light as a medium and how they stage our products in their lives and artistic work is a great inspiration to us and brings us immensely further in the research on the emotional meaning of light.

Download the digital magazine of the initiative "Artists for GRAU" here.

The digital magazine

Many thanks to all Artists for GRAU.