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Salt Leaf is the first collaboration between GRAU and New York design platform PIN–UP HOME. Together we launch Salt Leaf, limited to 300 pieces.

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Leaf Green
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Light Design Salzburg (Salzburg), Wohnbedarf (Zurich), Hans Späti AG (Winterthur and Wil), Gerritsma (Assen), Lichtstudio (Amsterdam), Twerdy (Fellbach), Lohmüller Light und Wohnen (Lörrach), Blickpunkt Lingen (Lingen), Drifte (Moers), Lichthaus Ammon (Potsdam), Thomas Electronics (Hamburg), Smow (Berlin), Andreas Murkudis (Berlin).

Limited edition of GRAU × PIN-UP HOME

Shortly after the launch of the global innovation Salt, the first collaboration between the pioneering lighting company GRAU and the New York design platform PIN-UP HOME. Together we are launching Salt Leaf - the limited edition of the Salt mobile luminaire.

The new Leaf Green color contrasts with the warm Sunset Dimming Light and makes Salt a statement piece of fresh energy and relaxing well-being. Leaf Green finds its inspiration in photosynthesis: the process that plants use to turn Light produce energy.

Smart. Smarter. Salt.

Powder Skin

The fine, but maximum resistant GRAU Powder SkinSurface is robust, colorful and free of any harmful substances.

360° illumination

The matt finish of the lampshade provides soft, glare-free light all round. Light.

The Smart LED battery indicator

Indicates the remaining battery life. Fully charge Salt in just 2 hours via the USB-C port.

Sneaker Foot & Magic Button

Place the light comfortably and silently on a rubberized foot and change the Light color with the Magic Button.

"Salt Leaf is an energizing tribute to vitality and freshness."

Timon and Melchior Grau

The most powerful mobile light

4 rechargeable batteries

With 4 battery units, Salt has twice the performance of the next best battery-powered light and 50% more power than before.

500 hours

So many hours of mobile Light is completely new. At the lowest dimming level, Salt has a runtime of 500 hours. The average runtime is 150 hours.

Your perfect feel-goodLight

Sunset Dimming is our latest lighting experience. Choose the right Light from the particularly broad spectrum: from clear Light to a deep sunset orange.

1300 Kelvin warm Light without blue light lets you relax.

Proven calming effect Light

Sunset dimming supports your biological rhythm and has a calming effect on body and mind. Without blue light, it promotes Light has been proven to promote the release of your relaxation hormone melatonin.

Gentle Light for the ultimate sense of well-being. The unique light spectrum enables the right atmosphere for the desired mood and creates calming moments, especially in the evening.

Your benefits

Free delivery

Get your GRAU order shipped home for free.

Made in Germany

All our lights are designed & produced on GRAU Campus.

5 years warranty

Get the optional 5 years warranty on your GRAU light.

Repair service

We offer sustainable service. Even many years later.


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