399 €

Salt is mobile wellbeing, wherever you are. Thanks to Sunset Dimming its light has a proven relaxing effect on body and mind. Smart and gentle, its warm glow accompanies you to sleep with a 30-minute timer.

Tech Specs
Blood Orange
Add Ons
  • Advanced Battery ⌀ 150h

  • Ultra Touch Dimmer

  • Sunset Dimming

  • Sunset Sleep

  • Splashproof IP 21

  • Assembled in Germany

The best portable lamp of all time

Relax with warm light of 1300 Kelvin, free of blue light.

Proven soothing light

Sunset Dimming supports your healthy bio-rhythm and has a calming effect on your body and mind. It shines a deep orange light with no blue content and has been proven to stimulate your melatonin release.

The softest light for your ultimate wellbeing. Unique light spectrum Sunset Dimming offers the perfect atmosphere for the desired mood, creating soothing moments, especially in the evening.

Smart. Smarter. Salt.

Powder Skin

The fine but maximum resistant GRAU Powder Skin surface is resilient, colorful and free of any pollutants.

360° illumination

The lampshade's matte finish radiates Salt's typically soft glare-free light, all around.

Smart LED battery indication

Check the remaining battery life at a glance and charge Salt fully in just 2 hours via the USB-C port.

Sneaker Foot & Magic Button

Comfortably and silently place Salt on a rubberized base and change the light color with the Magic Button.

An icon, re-mastered. Inside and out, we have reinvented its sculptural form, sustainable technology and sensual experience: Salt is your smart wellbeing.

The most powerful mobile light, out there

4 batteries

With 4 battery units, Salt has twice the output of the next best cordless light and brings 50% more battery power than before.

500 hours

This many hours of mobile light is completely new. Salt delivers 500 hours of light, at lowest dimming level. The average runtime is 150 hours.

Your benefits

Free delivery

Get your GRAU order shipped home for free.

Made in Germany

All our lights are designed & produced on GRAU Campus.

5 years warranty

Get the optional 5 years warranty on your GRAU light.

Repair service

We offer sustainable service. Even many years later.


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