Work with us

Become part of our international team and help us revolutionize the world of light.

What drives us

Light connects us with life, we want to Light activate people's feelings and visions. We want our work to make a meaningful contribution to society. We work collaboratively, digitally and agilely. We firmly believe that we can achieve greater things by working together with other people.

"We are building a team of the world's best talent. Together, we take risks and have the courage and ambition to think big. Use our platform, inspire the team and unleash your full potential."

Timon Grau, Melchior Grau – Creative Directors / CEOs

Our values

Make the best product

For us, the best product is human-centered and brings innovation into a simple, intuitive and artistic form. We use design and technology to create the most valuable experience.

Inspire change

To move forward, we take risks and are not bound by convention. Creating something truly inspiring and growing with challenges is what drives us.

Be open-minded

For us, being open-minded means actively expanding our own horizons, learning from other perspectives and incorporating them. Empathy helps us to think more holistically and is the basis for inspiring collaboration.

Minimize damage

There is no room for inspiration and well-being on a dead planet. In the face of an ecological crisis, we are actively working to reduce our ecological footprint. Despite our best efforts, we must do more.

We live New Work

The modern office is agile. We value an environment in which each individual can work autonomously, creatively and happily. Our office is designed as a dynamic place with many different workstations. With light-colored wood, a green garden and lots of natural Light our sustainable philosophy is reflected in the architecture.

We work collaboratively

We are proud to unite all our processes and teams under one roof. Our open architecture has been designed to support collaborative working. With many open workstations, our shared forum and free movement between the office and production, we ensure that we learn and grow from each other's experiences and talents.

Healthy food in the forum

The Forum, our in-house restaurant, is a meeting place. Every day, our chef Felix prepares a vegan and free lunch for everyone. The ingredients are organic and regional. The Forum is also a meeting place at other times of the day. People come here to take a break over coffee, tea or fruit or to chat with others.