Oh China

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Oh China radiates Zen and a unique warm light. With a fine porcelain shade and archetypal shape, this elegant pendant bring harmony to any space. Select the perfect height and dim the light via the Grau App.

Add Ons
  • Height adjustable

  • High quality materials

  • Direct and indirect light

  • GRAU App

  • High color rendering CRI 90

  • Produced in Germany

Outstanding light quality

Meditative glow

Oh China's fine porcelain shade emits a beautiful soft warm light that brings calm and harmony to any space. Innovative LED technology lets you adjust brightness and color temperature to your needs

2700 K

Direct light with ambient glow

Oh China combines a clear spotlight on the table with a warm 2700 K ambient light in the room. Dim Oh China for one and enjoy its soft illumination in the evening.


Unique light design

Oh China's fine porcelain shade suffuses the room with a unique, warm light.


Move your light

With its smooth height adjustment system, Oh China is effortlessly lowered and raised to suit your space. Whether above a table, bar, or countertop, position this classic pendant just as you need.


Height adjustment

Thanks to a small clamping lever, Oh is height-adjustable from 30 to 200 cm.


30 - 200 centimeters



Oh China suits many spaces. Whether in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom, this classic pendant transforms a room with warm, inviting, feel-good light.

intuitive operation


Bluetooth compatibility lets you control, program and plan the light via App.

Sustainable design

Made in Germany

Oh China is designed and produced on our campus near Hamburg. We optimize the use of all production materials and prefer to work with local suppliers.

Sustainable design

High-quality materials

As a pioneer of LED efficiency, sustainability is at the heart of our understanding of design. Longevity, reuse of materials and social responsibility are central to us, at every stage of the production chain.

High-quality materials

Dibbern's fine porcelain has been manufactured in Hohenberg an der Eger since 1997.


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