Artists for GRAU

Artists for GRAU is a global initiative exploring the transformative power of light.

Artists for GRAU

By illuminating new perspectives and challenging our open minds, light defines how we see the world.


At a time when social contact was not a given, when each of us spent a lot of time at home — but also found leisure to reflect on the mundane, we sent luminaires to artists around the world. We invited them to share their free creative response and medially reflect it back to us. The resulting works were wide-ranging: Photography, video, illustration, installation shots, and CGI imagery, each interpreting the interface of light and emotion in novel ways.

Sarah Blais, Parrot 

Artwork by Sarah Blais (Berlin), Parrot

Sarah Blais is a fashion photographer based in Berlin. She set the stage for the mobile lights Parrot and Salt & Pepper and used their own dynamics in combination with exposure techniques. In this way, her series explores the passing of time. Whether it's the wandering of an afternoon shadow or the shimmering of archaic patterns.

Artwork by Sarah Blais (Berlin), Parrot

»I was interested in the sense of space light can create,« says Blais. »I took that idea to the confines of an image and began to play with the shapes, the movement of light across time.«


New York City-based artist duo Torso (dis Collective) took the rechargeable light Parrot with them, like a family member or friend in various situations.

 Rockstar with Parrot

A bride who marries the battery light Parrot

Artwork by Torso (New York), Parrot

"… We wanted there to be a sense of animism in which the Parrot acted in the world, participated in relationships. …Its ability to operate in any space, without a plug gave it a kind of anthropomorphic quality and we wanted the images to be kind of intimate, where Parrot was like a partner, or a family member, appearing with you in a photo album at different times of your life."


Artist and creative director Darryl Daley lives and works in London. He employed the lights Parrot and John to deepen his artistic research into the profoundness and beauty of the black body.

 Soft Light on the back of a Man

Artwork by Darryl Daley

Darryl Daley: "I used Parrot to model light and shadow in my portraits - and John to create a halo aesthetic."

The portraits were shot in complete darkness, using the luminaires as the only light source.


Artwork by Darryl Daley

Artistic exchange with other creatives sharpens our open mind to new things. Learning how different people, in different places of the world, deal with light as a medium and how they stage our products in their lives and artistic work is an inspiration to us and takes us forward in our research on the emotional significance of light.

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Thanks to all Artists for GRAU.