Sunset Dimming

Light can change your life. For 10 years, GRAU has been developing a new light that has a calming effect on the body and mind. The unique light spectrum of Sunset Dimming enables the right atmosphere for the desired mood and creates calming moments, especially in the evening.

Discover Sunset Dimming

Relaxation in the evening

Our warm light supports your biorhythm and the release of the relaxation hormone melatonin.

Wide light color spectrum

We offer a wider light spectrum of 2700 – 1300 K. Choose the light color for your mood.

Relax with warm light of 1300 Kelvin, free of blue light.

Proven soothing light

Sunset Dimming supports your healthy bio-rhythm and has a calming effect on your body and mind. It shines a deep orange light with no blue content and has been proven to stimulate your melatonin release.

Colors like sunlight

Our light has a brilliant color rendering of CRI 90 – 97. Colors look as real and sharp as in the most beautiful sunlight.

Magic glow

We developed an innovative glass processing that creates a magical light glow. As a result, our light shines beautifully, like a sunset.

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