Falling Sun

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Falling Sun with its integrated Sunset Dimming feature brings the full spectrum of sunlight into your home. Fresh coatings bring elegant zen and pop vibrancy to this iconic form.

Tech Specs
Add Ons
  • Sunset Dimming

  • High color rendering CRI 90

  • GRAU App

  • High quality materials

  • Produced in Germany

Sunset Dimming

Ultimate wellbeing

The new Sunset Dimming feature brings sunset into your home. A wide natural light spectrum from bright afternoon light to late evening glow creates wellbeing and closeness.

Sunset Dimming

Dim the light, like the sun. Brighten up the day — come to rest with warm tones.

Sunset Dimming

Bring the sunset home.

Light quality

A warm light experience

Warm light spreads out and creates a space that connects us with each other. The soft yet clear light relieves your eyes and creates a center of light.

Personal light

Falling Sun flows slowly and elegantly into the room like a drop of sunlight. Familiar and natural, it radiates a warm sense of well-being. Its clear naturalness makes Falling an icon.

Exceptional color rendering

A color rendering index of 90+ delivers a first-class color spectrum that vividly and precisely reproduces the richness of colors and textures.


Bluetooth compatibility lets you control, plan and program your light through the GRAU App.

Iconic design language

Minimalism as an attitude

Falling Sun has been an example of timeless and minimalist design for 15 years. Natural clarity makes it an icon.

High quality materials

Falling Sun focuses on quality and minimalism. We only work with the highest quality materials and are proud of our long-standing relationships with trusted suppliers. Our code of conduct, which includes social and environmental standards, is signed and followed by each of our partners.

New color, new life

Coating Sun Orange is inspired by life and spreads a pop good mood.

Five fantastic colors

Black. White. Sun Orange. Sand White. Polished

Made in Germany

Falling Sun is produced on our campus in Hamburg. We optimize the use of all production materials and prefer to work with local suppliers.


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