2258 €

A floating disc that suffuses your space with light. Flying is a flexible delight, adjustable in height, angle, brightness, colour temperature, and light distribution.

Tech Specs
  • Height adjustable

  • Color Tune

  • Warm Dim

  • Direct and indirect light

  • GRAU App

  • Assembled in Germany

Color Tune

Crisp and fresh to golden glow

Integrated Color Tune means you can adapt Flying’s brightness and colour temperature at the tap of a finger. Experiment, adjust, and light each mood to perfection.

5000 lumens light

Bathe your space with light. From its powerful, ultra-slim LED panel, Flying delivers an exceptional light output of 5000 lumens.

Indirect light

Soft light distribution

With a fully balanced distribution of direct and indirect light, Flying provides truly holistic lighting ideal for meeting and dining rooms, co-working spaces and architectural illumination.


Light for every mood

Group luminaires, define light scenes, or let light follow the natural course of the day. It's all easy, with the GRAU App.


Adapt light to your rhythm

The right light, morning, noon, and night. The GRAU App lets you easily adjust light brightness and color temperature to support your activity and wellbeing.


Light scenes for every situation

Use to GRAU App to program lighting for every mood and situation. Set the right light for work, meetings, dining, or relaxation, and save the settings as a scene.


Move your light

With its smooth and easy height adjustment system, Flying can be lowered, raised, and tilted to create the desired light atmosphere and effect.

Height adjustable

Raise and lower Flying in a ceiling distance range of 35 - 165 cm. Even tilt the light disk to choose expressive angles.


Versatile use

Due to its flexibility, Flying finds a wide variety of applications. Use Flying above the kitchen table, in your home office or as lumination for your living room.


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