Set Trace Trio

1345 €

Triple spotlight Set Trio sets precise, sophisticated accents on objects and surfaces. The balanced lamp heads can be swivelled and rotated for ultimate precision.

Tech Specs
Add Ons
  • Rotatable Head

  • High Color Rendering (CRI 90)

  • GRAU App

  • Quality Materials

  • Assembled in Germany

Excellent light quality

Light accents


Warm, brilliant, and efficient: Set is a premium spotlight for walls and ceilings. With modern glare control and first-class color rendering, it is ideal for staging objects, artworks, and transitional spaces.

Glare-free lens

Visual comfort

Set filters light through its optical lens for smooth, glare-free illumination.

Warm Dim

Warm light for wellbeing

 Our integrated Warm Dim feature automatically adjusts color temperature to brightness. Dim up and Set will beam a bright, crisp light. Dim down for a warm glow and soft evening illumination.


CRI 90+

Fantastic color rendering

A color rendering index of 90+ delivers a premium color spectrum that vividly and accurately renders shades and textures.


Keep light agile

 Be flexible in accentuating your space. Set can be recessed or surface-mounted, and effortlessly rotated and angled to create fresh, precise spotlights.


Rotate & Swivel

 Set's lamp heads have a 90° rotation and 145° tilt for easy adjustment of light direction and effect.

Intuitive Control


Our Bluetooth-compatible lights can be controlled, programmed, and planned through the GRAU App.

Sustainable design

For a small footprint

As a pioneer of LED efficiency, sustainability is at the heart of our design philosophy. At every stage of the production chain, we champion reuse of materials, social responsibility, and durable design.

Timeless design


Our award-winning luminaires combine minimalist elegance with maximum energy efficiency. We focus on quality over quantity, foregoing short-lived trends and developing real innovations that improve user-friendliness and environmental sustainability. Every single one of our luminaires is designed and manufactured to last a lifetime.


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