Team Cowork

3624 €

Team Cowork is ideal for open plan offices. Wit its slimline form, it is is easily integrated in the workspace and beams bright, high-efficiency light over large tables and islands of four workstations.

Tech Specs
Add Ons
  • Beam Lens Technology

  • Direct and indirect light

  • High Color Rendering (CRI 90)

  • GRAU App

  • Assembled in Germany

Holistic design

Minimal Look, Maximum Light

Team Cowork runs through the New Work space like a ribbon. High on comfort and adaptability, it beams its glare-free light over four desks and into the surrounding space.

Efficient design

1 light for 4

To inspire teamwork and empower all stakeholders, we developed a lighting system that combines a minimal design language with maximum lighting performance.

Compact design

Neat efficiency

The slim aluminum body acts as an air cooling system to support exceptional light output. At the same time, Team Cowork is ⅔ smaller than any other high-performance workplace luminaire.

Light quality

Full focus through wellbeing

Precise light control with high-quality LEDs provides optimal light distribution and pleasant, glare-free light for to four workstations.

Beam Lens Technology

Team Cowork integrates more than 1440 energy-efficient LEDs in one luminaire.

CRI 90+

Exceptional Color Rendering

Research provides the active effect of light color on wellbeing and focus. With a color rendering of CRI 90+, the Team Series sets a progressive new standard for workplace illumination.


Light that responds to you

Revolutionary sensor technology

Team revolutionises the quality and aesthetics of sensor technology. With our smart sensor, you choose the light that supports your biorhythm and productivity.

Motion sensor

Precise 360° motion detection

Team Cowork can automatically adjust and (de)activate your light. High sensor sensitivity and a wide detection range take into account ambient light and your presence in the room.

Light sensor

Automatic light control

Highly sensitive light sensors measure the ambient light and adjust it to the course of the day. Team Cowork thus ensures uniform and efficient lighting.

Intuitive Use


Our Bluetooth-compatible lights can be controlled, programmed, and planned through the GRAU App.


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