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Parrot is the most multifunctional and portable floor lamp. The shaft is height-adjustable and the head can be rotated and tilted. 100 hours of portable light, easily rechargeable via the Smart Charge. Use Parrot in the living room, by the bed, at work or as a sculptural lighting object to highlight a painting or wall.

Tech Specs
Sand White
  • Powerful rechargeable battery 8-100h

  • Rotating and swiveling head

  • Height adjustable

  • Warm Dim

  • Produced in Germany


A new freedom of lighting

Parrot is an agile all-rounder, moving seamlessly between different settings. Enjoy it by your desk or bedside, in the office or studio, as ambient room lighting or as a mobile sculptural object.

Warm Dim

Golden light

Parrot's light is warm and emotional. Our integrated warm dim technology automatically adjusts the color temperature when dimming. The ultra-slim light panel integrates highly efficient LEDs that deliver a powerful 800 lumens.

Warm Dim

A warm glow

Dim up and Parrot beams a crisp, fresh light. Dim down for a warm, relaxing glow.


Vibrant Versatility

Stage Parrot as a spotlight or an atmospheric illumination. Then raise, lower, and angle as you please with a height-adjustable body and flexible, rotatable lamp head.

Rotate the lamp head by 310° and tilt by 30°

Smart Charging

Power light like never before

At full power, Parrot provides 8 hours of illumination, increasing exponentially to over 100 hours when dimmed. The luminaire is recharged via our innovative charging stone.

battery state

Charging status at a glance

On the discreet LED display, you can immediately see battery status. Three dots illuminated means Parrot is fully charged. Two dots: half charged. One dot: low battery. Flashing light: time to recharge!

Smart Charge

Easy charging

Our innovative charging stone makes recharging easy and intuitive. Simply place the luminaire base on the charging stone and Parrot will be fully recharged after eight hours.


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