Tobias Grau becomes GRAU

With a generational change, we launch GRAU as a brand.

Tobias Grau ist jetzt GRAU

An organization reinvents itself. With a generational change, we launch GRAU as a brand.

Our company was founded in 1986 by Tobias Grau. Together with Franziska Grau he led the brand of the same name until a collaborative process of change began. The generational handover to Timon and Melchior Grau happened in 2021. The brothers guided the organization through a rebranding along their artistic vision. This change included designing a new visual communication as well as an internal process of bringing new work and co-creative development into our lives.

Our new visual identity includes a new timeless logo, visual language and font — and a name that embraces our diverse team and collaborative work. Our logo is elemental and bold in its simplicity. It’s an expression of our design philosophy. Our new corporate typeface reflects our openness, precision and artistic attitude.

“Activate what makes us human” articulates the mission of GRAU. “Our objective is to use light to activate what makes us human. Our ability to feel, to think, to imagine, to question and to change something again — that’s what makes us human.“ elaborate brothers Timon and Melchior Grau.

Repositioned, GRAU will focus on a collection of emotional, as well as personal products and smart processes. As a bridge between art and business, GRAU will also appear with exhibitions, installations and sculptures. At present we work as an interdisciplinary and diverse team of 150 people. We design and produce each luminaire and every project on our Hamburg campus. As part of the launch of GRAU, we are presenting several new products. Each is an update of a well-known icon of our brand and is now even more suited to life and contemporary needs. Part of GRAU’s vision is not only to create the best product, but to develop it further in its own evolution.