About us

Our light is art. GRAU activates the feelings of people with Light. Our smart lights and sunset dimming Light create unique lighting experiences that feel magical and increase well-being.

Discover Light

Many people don't realize how much Light has on their life and mood: Light The way we perceive moments and how they make us feel. These strong feelings Light people have always shared - we love that Light of a sunset or a candle and we even travel after the sun. Why don't luminaires also offer such an emotional experience of light?

From this question is the mission of GRAU was born from this question: to Light activate people's feelings. Our goal is to give people a deep experience of Light and to connect them with our Light make them happier.

GRAU is an interdisciplinary team of 150 creative talents, led by artist duo Timon and Melchior Grau.

Artist brothers

Timon and Melchior Grau have been working together as artists for 13 years. After studying economics, they studied art with artist Ai Weiwei and graduated from the renowned Städelschule. In 2023, they were named one of the AD Top 100 most influential designers.

Did you already know...?

Steve Jobs desk with GRAU lamp

89 × Award-winning design

We are proud that our luminaires have won 89 internationally renowned design awards, including the German Design Award in Gold, the Design Award of the German Federal Government and the Wallpaper Design Award.

Timon and Melchior with their first GRAU Design: Parrot