Falling In Love

362 €

Falling in Love is a playful spotlight that beams brilliant highlights on any chosen surface or object. Easily moveable, this little lamp always brightens the mood.

Tech Specs
  • Rotatable Head

  • Warm Dim

  • High Color Rendering (CRI 90)

  • Quality Materials

  • Assembled in Germany

Light quality

The playful spotlight

Versatile and good-humoured, Falling in Love gently sets the scene for any object or surface. Adjust light brightness and colour temperature to create your desired atmosphere.

Warm Dim

Our built-in Warm Dim feature automatically adjusts color temperature to brightness. Dim up and Falling in Love shines a crisp, bright light. Dim down for a warmer glow and soft evening illumination.


Falling in Love filters its light through an optical lens to beam bright, powerful and glare-free illumination.

CRI 90+

Exceptional Color Rendering

A color rendering index of 90+ delivers a premium color spectrum that vividly and accurately renders shades and textures.

Sustainable Design

Made in Germany

Falling in Love is designed and produced at our Hamburg campus. We optimise the use of all production materials and prioritise local suppliers.

Timeless Design

High Quality Minimalism

Focussing on quality and minimalism we only work with the highest quality materials and are proud of our longstanding relationships with trusted suppliers. All our partners sign and uphold a code of conduct, including social and environmental standards.

Three Fantastic Coatings

Black. Polished. White.


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