Xt-a Single

1460 €

Xt-a Single is our first luminaire for height-adjustable desks. The lamp moves flexibly up and down with the desk so that light is uniform and consistent, even when working in a standing position.

Tech Specs
  • Rotatable Head

  • Direct and indirect light

  • Assembled in Germany


For an agile workplace

The Xt-a Single is designed and developed for the modern workspace. It is flexibly affixed and moved and fully compatible with height-adjustable desks.


Quickly attached, easily stored

Xt-a's neat clamp makes it easy to affix the lamp to any chosen surface. Attach, move, and remove with total ease.


Simply clamp Xt-a Single to the table.


Rotate the lamp head 45°


Light where you need it

Xt-a's lamp head rotates 360° so you can adjust the focus and direction of light anytime.

Excellent light quality

Uncompromising luminosity

With advanced LED technology and our patented OSA gridded system, Xt-a Single emits beautiful, adaptable, glare-free light.

Light distribution

Well balanced light

Our patented OSA technology provides an exceptional level of indirect illumination. Superb, de-glared light beams not only onto the desk but also into the surrounding space, creating a luminous, harmonious work environment.

Light output

State-of-the-art LEDs provide powerful 6000 lumen illumination with maximum energy efficiency.

OSA technology

Kind on the Eyes

Our innovative OSA (Open Structure Anti-Glare) technology contains hundreds of gridded LEDs in an open system, delivering optimal glare-free light. This ergonomic illumination enhances wellbeing, performance, and visual comfort, especially when working on a screen.

Sustainable design

Made in Germany

Xt-a Single is designed and produced at our Hamburg campus. We optimise the use of all production materials and prioritise local suppliers.

Sustainable design

Made in Germany

We only work with the highest quality materials and are proud of our longstanding relationships with trusted suppliers. All our partners sign and uphold a code of conduct, including social and environmental standards.

Two Fantastic Colors

Black. Polished. White.

Sustainable design

Quality and Durability

As a pioneer of LED efficiency, sustainability is at the heart of our design philosophy. At every stage of the production chain, we champion reuse of materials, social responsibility, and durable design.


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