Xt-a Plus 90

2027 €

Designed for two workstations, Xt-a Plus 90 provides a long cantilever panel for uniform and glare-free light distribution.

Tech Specs
  • Direct and indirect light

  • Motion sensor

  • Light sensor

  • Assembled in Germany

Outstanding light quality

Clarity for collaborative work

This icon of efficient office lighting beams its adaptable, glare-free light across two desks at once. With modern LED technology and our patented OSA grid system, Xt-a Plus delivers maximum radiance at minimal energy consumption.

Light distribution

Well balanced light

Our patented OSA (Open Structure Anti-Glare) technology delivers 89% indirect illumination. This exceptional light distribution ensures smooth, healthy light across your work station and throughout the surrounding space, creating a luminous, harmonious work environment.

Light output

State-of-the-art LEDs provide powerful light with 14,500 Lumens (Plus 90) / 16,000 Lumens (Plus 120) and maximum energy efficiency.

Sustainable design

Made in Germany

The Xt-a Series is designed and produced at our Hamburg campus. We optimise the use of all production materials and prioritise local suppliers.

Two Fantastic Colors

White and Satin

Sustainable design

Top Quality Materials

We only work with the highest quality materials and are proud of our longstanding relationships with trusted suppliers. All our partners sign and uphold a code of conduct, including social and environmental standards.

Sustainable design

Quality and Durability

As a pioneer of LED efficiency, sustainability is at the heart of our design philosophy. At every stage of the production chain, we champion reuse of materials, social responsibility, and durable design.

Two lengths

98 and 125 centimeters

Smart sensor control

Sustainable performance

Xt-a Plus is equipped with an advanced motion sensor and constant light controller. The motion sensor can be programmed to suit different needs, including limited motion detection and temporary deactivation.

Ambient brightness

For optimal energy efficiency, the constant light controller adjusts light to ambient illumination.

Motion sensor

The motion sensor detects when the workstation is in use and automatically activates and deactivates light.


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