Team Agile

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Team Agile stands for New Work. This floor-standing lamp is smart, flexible, and offers a whole new quality of light. Integrated Color Tune technology promotes wellbeing and focus. Let light actively support you.

Tech Specs
Sand White
Add Ons
  • Beam Lens Technology

  • Direct and indirect light

  • High color rendering CRI 90

  • Swarm function

  • GRAU App

  • Produced in Germany

New Work

Agile work

New Work is a mindset, with you as a human being at the center. Team Agile supports you wherever you set up your desk.

Beam Lens Technology

Beam lens technology for maximum glare control and optimal light distribution.

Aluminum body

The slim aluminum body serves as an air cooling system and thus supports the exceptional light distribution.

Compact design

Team Agile is ⅔ smaller than traditional work lights.

Color Tune

Easily adjust light temperature

Always the right light, morning, noon, and night. Adjust color brightness and temperature with a simple tap and set just the right light for your activity and wellbeing.

Smart Switch

Dim light in brightness and color. Simply via Smart Switch.

CRI 90+

High color rendering and a sense of wellbeing

Equipped with hundreds of high-power LEDs, Team provides exceptional colour rendering of CRI 90+. This high colour rendering improves wellbeing, focus, and productivity at work.

Smart sensor control

Light that responds to you

Team revolutionizes the quality and aesthetics of sensor technology. With our smart sensors, you choose the light that supports your biorhythm and your productivity.

Motion sensor

Precise 360° motion detection

Team Agile can automatically adjust and (de-) activate light according to your presence. Advanced motion sensors and a wide detection range keeps you and your light in sync.

Light sensor

Automatic light control

Advanced light sensors measure ambient light and automatically adjust brightness. Light is uniform and efficient throughout the day.

Intuitive control


Our Bluetooth-compatible lights can be controlled, programmed, and planned through the GRAU App.

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