Team Pro

2084 €

Team Pro is optimised for double workstations. Its adaptable and highly efficient light beams across two desks, with adaptable brightness and color temperature via Color Tune.

Tech Specs
Add Ons
  • Beam Lens Technology

  • Direct and indirect light

  • High Color Rendering (CRI 90)

  • GRAU App

  • Assembled in Germany

Light quality

There is no better light.

Team Pro optimises double workstations with adaptable and highly efficient light. Synchronised with ambient brightness, its light is generous, glare-free and in-sync with users.

Beam Lens Technology

Maximum light distribution and glare control.

Light output

High light output of 16,000 lumens


Exceptional color rendering provides wellbeing and focus

Smart sensor control

Revolutionary sensor technology

Team Pro revolutionises the quality and aesthetics of sensor technology. With our smart sensor, you choose the light that supports your biorhythm and productivity.

Motion sensor

Precise 360° motion detection

Team Home can automatically adjust and (de) activate light according to your presence.

Advanced motion sensors and a wide detection range keeps you and your light in sync.

Light sensor

Automatic light control

 Advanced light sensors measure ambient light and automatically adjust brightness. Team Pro's light is uniform and efficient throughout the day.


Swarm groupings via the GRAU App


Group luminaires, define light scenes, or let light follow the natural course of the day. All easy, with the GRAU App.

Swarm function

Networked light

Smart islands of light create harmonious illumination in the workplace. With Smart Grouping, sensor-controlled luminaires are networked and controlled in a swarm.



Our Bluetooth-compatible lights can be controlled, programmed, and planned through the GRAU App.


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