Team Home

1220 €

Team Home is the first professional calibre luminaire for home office. It combines its streamlined form with brilliant, glare-free light, beamed directly onto your desk and into the surrounding space.

Tech Specs
Light Blue
Add Ons
  • Beam Lens Technology

  • Direct and indirect light

  • High Color Rendering (CRI 90)

  • GRAU App

  • Assembled in Germany


Proper professional light

Unrivalled desk light. Team Home illuminates your workspace with exceptional light quality and output. Find energy, focus, and wellbeing throughout your workday.

Team Home

Team Home beams smooth, even light over the entire desk

John Table

John Table casts a concentrated light cone

Color Tune

Easily adjust light color

The right light — morning, noon, and night. With a simple tap, adjust brightness and color temperature to best support your activity and wellbeing.

New Work

A productive home office day begins with crisp, fresh light. With Color Tune, light is flexible to your working rhythm.

Color Tune

Design your light

Research proves the active impact of light temperature and intensity on wellbeing and focus. Dim light color and brightness up and down via Smart Switch.

Light quality

Unsurpassed in light distribution and glare control

Our innovative Beam Lens technology distributes light evenly, efficiently, and glare-free across the desk and the surrounding area.

More than 240 energy efficient LEDs in one luminaire.

Glare-free, dimmable and kind on the eyes.

Smart sensor control

Light that responds to you

Team is revolutionizing the quality and aesthetics of sensor technology. With smart sensor technology, you choose the light that supports your biorythm and productivity.

Motion sensor

Precise 360° motion detection

Team Home can automatically adjust and (de)activate your lights. High sensor sensitivity and a wide detection range take into account ambient light and your presence in the room.

Light sensor

Automatic light control

Highly sensitive light sensors measure the ambient light and adjust it to the course of the day. Team Home thus ensures uniform and efficient lighting.

Intuitive Use


Our Bluetooth-compatible lights can be controlled, programmed, and planned through the GRAU App.


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