"We create lights that touch you within."

Our motivation

There is something magical about light. With light we want to activate people's feelings and vision. Our ability to feel, to imagine and to change. In which light do you see life? That's the question we ask.

Living light

Our lights are alive. Most lights lack the stimulating quality you know from the sun setting, or rising. The emotional potential of light is underestimated and that's what we want to change, with GRAU.

Feel light

Our products are designed for feelings. We use design and technology to create the most valuable experience, bringing innovation in an intuitive and artistic form.

Radical wellbeing

Light can radically change your wellbeing. We go ways that others wouldn't. For us, light is art and must have the ambition to change your life.

Sustainable design. Made in Germany.

All our lights are designed and produced at our location in Hamburg, with the goal of maximum quality, durability and sustainability. We are convinced that light and your perspective on things can contribute to change.

Our history

GRAU is a collaborative platform led by artist duo Timon Grau and Melchior Grau. The interdisciplinary team of 150 smart-creatives develops light products, experiences and exhibitions. A pioneer in the lighting industry for more than three decades, every product is designed and assembled at its Hamburg headquarters. In 2021, Timon Grau and Melchior Grau took on the creative direction from their father, Tobias Grau. The repositioned brand GRAU focuses on smart lights with a strong sensory and emotional experience.