Team Suspension

2.310 €

Team Suspension combines the best of living and working in one luminaire: a sensual design language, intuitive user experience and unparalleled lighting experience.

Tech Specs
  • Color Tune

  • Direct and indirect light

  • High Color Rendering (CRI 90)

  • Height adjustable

  • GRAU App

  • Assembled in Germany

Light Performance

The best of working and living

Living and working, are growing more and more together. Yet most workspace lighting comes with little sensuality and home luminaires have a weak lighting experience. Team Suspension brings both worlds together.

More clarity, more light.

A striking design language. Intuitive user experience. And a stimulating light experience.


Team Suspension is universal. It performs at meeting, dining or work tables and gives clear focus and inspiring wellbeing to any space.

Light quality

A floating light performance

Team Suspension is the most luminous pendant of its kind. With over 10,000 lumens, it provides 4x as much light as comparable pendant luminaires.

High light output of 10.700 Lumen

Optimized light output due to Beam Lens Technology

Color rendering

Wellbeing through an exceptional color rendering of CRI90+

Indirect light

Indirect light illuminates the space' ceiling, creating a pleasant and balanced environment.


Color Tune via GRAU App

Always the right light. Morning, afternoon and evening. Use the GRAU App to adjust the brightness and color temperature to your activity and wellbeing.


Group luminaires, define special light scenes or let the light follow the natural course of the day. Simply via the GRAU App.

Color Tune

Enjoy a wide spectrum of light throughout the day thanks to Color Tune.


Move your light

Team Suspension is floating mobility. Raise and lower the luminaire with a simple hand movement, and adapt the light to your space and needs.


39 – 199 cm

Height adjustable

Raise and lower Team Suspension within a ceiling clearance range of 39 – 199 cm.

Sustainable design

Made in Germany

Team Suspension is designed and produced on our campus in Hamburg, Germany. We optimize the use of all production materials and prefer to work with local suppliers.


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